yeah, i live on the hellmouth. (vichan) wrote in vintagekeyboard,
yeah, i live on the hellmouth.

Key bass recs?

So I play key bass in a band. The keyboard, a Yamaha PSS-460, belongs to our drummer, who recently quit. We found a new drummer, and our old drummer is going to eventually want his keyboard back. That's okay, though: the Yamaha I play on is not terrific; some notes just get lost, others pierce through a bit too much even when recording. Our working theory is that it's because it's cheap digital keyboard and certain frequencies are harsher/softer than others.

Long story short: I'm going to be searching the market soon for a decent keyboard that gives me a good bass sound.

Ideally, I'm after a Farfisa, but coming across one of the few that have a good bass sound (let alone a Farfisa in general) is pure luck because people tend to hang on to those and usually aren't interested in giving them up. So I'm going to be broadening my market. I'm shooting for something analog.

Do you guys have any recommendations?
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