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Digital Performer / Yamaha S90 / Macintosh

hello everyone.

I haven't posted much on here, but I am getting desperate for answers, so hopefully somone can help me with my problem.

I am running Digital Performer version 4.5.2 on my Mac.
(my Mac = desktop single processor 400 MHz G4 with 640 MB SDRAM and 20 GB of memory capacity)
I am also running Mac OS 10.3.9

I have a Yamaha S90 synth hooked up to my Mac via direct high-speed USB cable. On the Yamaha S90, it has a USB output that allows for MIDI connection directly via USB cable. I have my USB cable plugged into a USB hub (4 port hub).


So when I'm recording MIDI tracks, I am able to record onto every MIDI track that I create. No problems there.

BUT, when I play back what I've just recorded, I'm ONLY able to hear what's been recorded onto track 1. When I de-select track 1, and select ANOTHER midi track, I cannot hear anything during playback, even though I can see the midi data recorded in the track window.

I have a small BOSS keyboard amp (maybe 4" speaker) as an output from my S90, via 1/4" cable.

All my equipment seems to be working fine (gear isn't dated enough to where it doesn't work.... y'know?). I believe this to be a problem of my lack of knowledge on selecting output somewhere on Digital Performer, or possibly even through my Audio Midi Setup (I have my Audio Midi setup set to where it transmits and receives -- both -- 16 channels.... is this correct?)

Anyway, I hope I'm explaining myself well enough.
Thank you for any and all responses with this.... I appreciate it.

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